Camp Rules and Guidelines

  • We reserve the right to refuse entrance to anyone.

  • We reserve the right to evict, without notice, anyone who is in violation of our guidelines.  With no refund.

  • Payment for site is due upon designated days listed on payment letter and liability release.  Failure to do so will result in $25 late fee.
  • Payment of lease constitutes agreement in full with liability waiver and rule/guidelines.

Disturbances of any kind with camper or guest will result in eviction from campground.  Including but not limited to the examples below:

  • Fighting
  • Creating a threatening environment of any kind
  • Domestic disputes
  • Repeated noise violations
  • Large uncontrolled fires that threaten property
  • Reckless behavior anywhere on grounds
  • Any incident that results in law enforcement on the property

Following eviction

  • Evicted party will be given 48 hrs to arrange supervised removal of property from grounds.  This supervision will be the camp host at the very least and police may be required depending on this situation. 

  • Following 48 hrs any and all property will be placed with a local impound yard or storage facility at owner’s expense.

  • As per signed agreement we are not responsible for any accident or injury to you or your guest or for loss of property of any kind.

We will trim trees when possible, but due to the position of some campers and personal property this task is not possible to complete on a regular basis and we will not be liable for any damage caused by limbs.

  • If you have a tree or limb in concern, please notify camp host and owner and we will jointly work on a remedy.
  • Complete tree removal has to be approved and will be responsibility of site renter.
  • River’s Edge Campground requires campers obtain the necessary property and liability insurance to cover any incident or accident that may occur during this outdoor experience.

  • A code will be given for access to the campground.  If we experience issues with the electric gate we will start manually locking the gate.  We will issue a key or combination to all campers once a deposit has been received.  The deposit will be returned when the key is returned.

  • Gate codes may be changed throughout the year.  If we notice a code has been shared on social media or equivalent it will result in a gate code change.  

  • Gate code will be changed at every year at the very least on March 1st and listed on the new release.

Visitors’ vehicles may enter the camping area only for the purpose of discharging passengers and equipment, and may be parked in the Visitor Parking Lot.

  • Visitor parking is located on the right hand side of large garage by the pool and behind the new North end camp site towards the road.

  • The North end Visitor parking area near the new spaces will also be considered the Storage Area for boats and/or additional recreational vehicles and supplies.

  • In no event will more than two vehicles be permitted at any campsite.

  • Please refrain from parking in the area between the shower and the main road coming in.  This is to eliminate small children running between parked cars, then returning to their trailers from the playground and shower area.

  • Please refrain from parking on any septic leach bed areas.

Obey all posted speed limits, and travel direction signs.

  • Do not travel from roads unless directed to do so.

  • Speed bumps are in place for this reason.  Do not travel in the grass around them as this creates muddy situations we would all like to avoid.

  • Campers must report visitors staying overnight at the office.  Overnight fee of $5.00 per person per night when campsite exceeds 5 people.

  • No tents are allowed on any site with a camper.

  • Vehicle, camper, golf cart, and boat washing is not permitted, unless approved by the office.  Please contact the office or see the rates page on the website for water use surcharge.

  • Campers temporarily vacating their sites must notify the office to avoid re-selling the site.

  • There is no sub-leasing of camp site permitted

  • Washers, dryers, and electric heaters built in campers must register with the office.

  • Outdoor decorative lights are to be turned off during daylight hours – Please turn off all lights when you retire at night.  Fees for leaving lights on all night are listed below.  LED lights are recommended.

Air conditioners and lights must be turned off when leaving the campground.

  • Outdoor lights and air conditioning running while away from the camp is unnecessary and increases camp costs for everyone.  

  • Repeat offenders will be charged a $10 surcharge per occurrence and power will be disconnected.

Quiet hours begin at 11pm on weekends and 10pm on weekdays.  We understand some campers may enjoy socializing later, but please do so by being courteous to your neighbors.

  • Reduce fire height
  • Reduce light levels
  • Reduce noise levels

Campers are responsible for maintaining their camp site in a clean and orderly fashion.

  • Lawn and weeds maintained in a respectable fashion.

  • Trash and debris removed at all times.

  • Toys, bikes, golf carts, and vehicles parked or stored in a fashion not to impede on your neighbors.

Failure to maintain these standards will result in the following fees:

  • Mow & trim = $30

  • Remove debris = $15/hr

Garbage dumpsters are for camp use only, and we need help keeping it this way to reduce fees.

  • Do not bring garbage from home.

  • Normal household garbage only

  • Do not put oversize items in or around the dumpsters including but not limited to:

            - Mattresses, couches, chairs, grills, etc.

  • Do not put brush (leaves, branches, wood, etc.) in dumpsters

             - Please utilize the debris pile South of the pond

             - And/or the youth burn pile

  • Close lids on dumpsters at all times eliminate health violations

  • Outside unauthorized use will lead to prosecution if caught –please help us stop this.

  • Dumpsters will be monitored closely with cameras and violators will be assessed charged directly related to additional fees charged by garbage company.

  • Please store all boats, campers, and trailers in the storage area.

  • Do not park or store anything in vacant lots.

  • Do not park within 6’ of any utility.  Including the electrical service center in the lower central camping area.

  • All sewer hoses must have a sewer ring before going into sewer lines.  No loose lines.

             - Please see office, camp host, or neighbor for guidelines

  • Shelter usage is reserved for campers only

             - This must be reserved through the office, camp host, or email

             - Standard fee will be $10/hr for groups of 40 or less

             - This must be reserved through the office, camp host, or email

             - Large group fee will be on a case by case basis and should be discussed with management

             - Payment must be received prior to reservation being final

  • Check out on final day of the season will be 1pm.  All electrical and water services will be turned off at this time.

  • Tenants are required to use extreme care to not clog toilets and sewer lines with heavy matter. Grease, sanitary napkins, condoms, coffee grounds, oatmeal, leaves, dirt, feminine products and the like are strictly prohibited from being deposited in the toilets. Obstruction between the apartment or the mobile home and the sanitary sewer system will be removed at the Tenant's expense. 

  • Pet owners are responsible for cleaning up immediately after their pets, which will be strictly enforced.